Saturday morning story: Miss Kitty Goes for a Walk

One day, Miss Kitty woke up and decided to go for a walk.

First, she checked out a bird.    

Then she remembered there were actual birds outside the house.

So she went outside and headed down the driveway.

She paused at the weird mushroom in the planter on the porch.  Miss Kitty is not really a fan of blue mushrooms.

She skirted the rosebushes.  (They have thorns.) 

Pausing by the forsythia, she looked back to see if any ebil neighborhood kitties were following her..... Ok, the coast is clear.

The yard next door is fenced to keep two big mean dogs inside.  (This is why Miss Kitty no longer lives next door.)  But they're away for the day.  So Miss Kitty set off to enjoy a usually off-limits route.

Unbeknownst to Miss Kitty, however, 
she was being watched.  The ebil Purrr, who also lives next door, a tough and territorial cat, was sitting on the neighbor's porch at the end of the walk.

Suddenly, Miss Kitty realized that she was not alone in the yard.

Slowly, carefully, Miss Kitty stepped back through the fence and headed back into the house.  

Of course, Mr. Bunny was waiting to head her off at the door.  Bother!

And who put this baby in here?!?!?

Ahhh, finally.  Miss Kitty found her bed - always a good place to rest after a harrowing adventure.


The End.


Ray Barnes said…
Ahhhhh. And they all lived happily ever after. Or at least till the next time she ventured out.
Lovely cat Penny and also lovely BIG bunny!
Thanks, Ray - Bunny is not that big, really, but he is a camera hog. And also he likes to run in front of Kitty to head her off. Sadly, they're not friends, although they're not enemies, either. Kitty is a little afraid of most animals, due to a bad experience in her youth apparently (before she moved in with us).
One of my neighbors (as in, she lives on my street) posted on my FB page that Miss Kitty came over to her house the other day, came in, went upstairs, and took a nap on her son's rug. She makes herself at home wherever she goes, so long as there aren't other animals in there!
Ray Barnes said…
Wonderful aren't they?
Our first cat, a lovely tortoishell called Mitzy used to get out of our bedroom window, creep along the window-sill, leap onto the garage and in through next door's window.
The first they knew about it was when she strolled down their stairs in the morning!
Her nickname was Houdini.
Ray, that's cats for you! It's a surprise when you find one in your house that's not yours! Purrr next door used to come in through our dog door. Miss Kitty is really scared of Purrr and our dog died, so we have tried to fix things so that no other cats can come in.
Claudia said…
What a lovely story! I'm impressed the camera didn't put the cat off - mine either run away or come up and smootch if they see me holding a camera.
deborah said…
This is such a sweet story of Miss Kitty's excellent adventures! I want to share this with my granddaughter!

Deborah Silver
Adulcia, I had to use the zoom lens and stay out of sight for many of these as Kitty would come up to be petted otherwise!

Deborah - I hope your granddaughter will enjoy the story. The baby in the kitchen is my grandson (from about a year ago).