An Otter for Justin

I was going to write something about Justin today (have you noticed that most of us call him Justin Martyr as if Martyr were his last name instead of a descriptor?) because I like Justin.  He was a seeker and, most importantly, a beach walker.  He did his best theological thinking walking along beaches.  I'm not sure if I do my best theological thinking walking along beaches, but I do feel especially close to God along the water's edge.

But then I saw this video and decided it was more fun for the general reader than any musings I might have today.  You can, however, read all about Justin over at Padre Mickey's Dance Party here:

 Now, check out this fun encounter at an aquarium between a river otter and a little boy...




Ray Barnes said…
Really lovely Penny. I don't know anything about Justin but if he had seen the vidio he would surely have laughed out loud too. I did!
Hard to say who was having the most fun, but what a wonderfull combination.
Yes, that's what's so much fun about this - it's hard to say who is chasing whom!