Grammar (or more precisely Punctuation) Geek Alert!

Need a laugh?  I often do.

Call me crazy, but one of the things I think is funny in life is the arbitrary use of quotation marks on signs.  Our state has a sign about how driving drunk kills people so "don't do it."  I suppose they are quoting Officer Safety First or else there's a little "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" going on there.   And then I see "local onions" printed on the grocery store display.  So, do they really mean it or are they pulling my leg about the onions being local?  Is the quoted word or phrase a joke or a euphemism, the written form of scare quotes you do with your hands?  At our house, for instance, we have a joke about "meat" which comes from a Chinese menu from somewhere in which tofu chicken or other vegetarian protein options are called "meat" and we can do a whole standup routine about "meat" at mealtime which gets everyone laughing.

Anyway, if you think this sort of thing is funny in a harmlessly silly kind of way (or even if you don't yet), check out this new blog, The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, here.

Also, you might like the blog Apostrophe Catastrophes, which is about, well, the misuse of apostrophes, here.


Anita said…
Lol! Do I dare check them out?
I double dog dare you, Anita.

(That's a local colloquialism which you may not hear that often in your neighborhood, but I think you can figure it out!)