Aaaaand we're back in session!

My son started school today! Yes, it's really early for that, but such is the school schedule here in the last few years.  Students get to finish the semester, including exams, before Winter Break and also finish the school year before the end of May.  It's pleasant in May.  August, not so much.

Back to school means back to schedule for many of us, myself included. Even though my son fends for himself more often than not, and what with classes and after school activities he is away from the house from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. many days, I find that time works differently during the school year still.  I feel the need to be less casual about meals and mealtime and to be on call for sudden schedule changes that involve pick ups and drop offs. The day has a more defined edge to it - up at a certain time, to bed by a certain time - and evenings should include the opportunity for quiet study.  There will be paperwork I need to attend to and some meetings and the calendar will begin to sport entries like "band concert" and "auditions" and "games."

Of course, now that he can drive himself, I do declare myself to be officially done with the last minute dash to the store for glue sticks and poster board.

I am not sorry to be back on a schedule.  By the end of summer, I am in "whatever" mode on way too many levels.  I really do better with some kind of schedule imposed from outside, as any schedule of my own making falls apart fairly quickly.  Getting up early every morning will make it easier to go to the gym more regularly.  And needing to be more mindful about meals is definitely a good thing for all of us.   

And so I give thanks for teachers and administrators, knowing that many of them are under more and more pressure these days.  I give thanks for band directors and coaches and guidance counselors, all of whom are probably facing a lot of chaos right now.  I am grateful for sidewalk crossing guards and parent volunteers and cafeteria workers, for custodial staff and those guys who will have to fix the air conditioning in some school or another during this week of near 100-degree temperatures.

At a time when education is a hot topic and when people are spewing a lot of negativity about schools, I am grateful for those who continue to do their best for the kids under their care.  I am grateful for people who support their community schools, whether or not they have children in those schools, because they know that their support strengthens the community as a whole.

Now, bring on the supply list. I'll hand over the keys and directions to the school supply store.


Ray Barnes said…
Clearly, your few days break have done you some good. If you can bottle some of your energy please send me some. Mine is flagging somewhat.
Every blessing for the new semester.
Thank you, Ray. I always feel a little pep in my step at the prospect of a new beginning of any kind, even if I'm not really even starting something new myself. Attitude is everything.

I hope you'll regain your energy soon. There's a lot going on over there, and you all are in my prayers.