Wordless Wednesday: Striving

and also helping....


Ray Barnes said…
What a wonderful image Penny. Where is it?
There is something similar somewhere in I think Ghent, not quite sure, but it reminds me of someone's work.
Ray, it's in downtown Atlanta. I have looked for information about the artist, but haven't come up with anything yet. It's a large archway, made up of this ladderlike structure, with the people figures all over it. Many of the people are climbing or moving and some of the other figures are assisting. I have a few photos of it from different angles, so stay tuned as I might post them soon.
Denise said…
I'm a few days behind here, but I had to comment on this striking image. People climbing and needing each other's help to move forward...it says so much, as only a picture can.
Thanks, Denise - the whole sculpture is an arch under which one walks to enter a downtown neighborhood, so its placement makes a powerful statement, too.