Balancing Act

After being away for a week, I am trying to figure out just how much catching up I want to do on the news and events that sort of blew by me (or that I simply ignored) during my time away.  Frankly, the news has been pretty grim these last couple of days, what with rioting and destruction in London and all the goings on about the debt ceiling and the stock market and the debt rating here.  Political "debates" continue as the did in the time of the Philistines, when each side just lined up and called each other names and shouted insults at one another before the rock and spear throwing started.

I want to be informed. I want to keep up with world events, with local news, with what's happening in the world and my world.  But after being on vacation, I recognize that the constant stream of news (with so much of it bad) can deaden the soul as well as enlarge one's understanding.  I enjoyed just ignoring it all for a few days.

We have to find a balance, a way to take in as much as we can to be an informed citizenry and also to take time away, too, so that we can process, or just rest, from the noise and clamor of voices.  Because in the end, we need to be able to hold up the good news, the other stories of hope and beauty and goodness that are out there in the midst of the sturm und drang.

The balance is not just between work and rest or work and play but between being able to see hope and beauty while remaining clear-eyed about the world's flaws.  Even an optimistic, look at the bright sider like me can become jaded and worn out by a steady stream of noisy negativity, and so I must recognize when hopelessness comes near to me, too, and recognize it for what it is.

Meanwhile, my prayers are for and with those who are suffering today, those who are scared for their physical safety as well as those fearful about their financial security.  My prayers are for those who suffer loss - loss of faith, loss of property, loss of hope, loss of connection - that they may find reconciliation and restoration.  My prayers are for justice and for peace, a balancing act is there ever was one.

And may we all remember that love heals.



Nancy Wallace said…
I so agree with you about the value of taking a real holiday including ignoring the news or the other voices that normally clamour for our attention. It's not just about work/life balance, but sometimes taking a complete rest from the need to be informed about current news, which always tends to be about the unusual or the bad. Watching a flower grow can be just as important!
Thanks, Nancy - we're of like minds here!