At long last I am actually going on vacation IRL (in real life).  No staycation for me!  I'm headed for the actual sand and saltwater beach for a few days with my sons before school starts.

We've got a place in a small beach town and plan to read, walk, eat, sleep, swim, build sandcastles/dig holes/squish sand between our toes, and breathe in that wonderful salt air.  There will be some sunset viewing from the deck.  We also will look at wildlife (including the inn's dog and cats) and at least one of us will get some sunburn somewhere.  I'm already beginning to relax and I'm not even there yet.

I hear that I may not have internet access at this particular beach lodging, and so while I will be taking many photographs, I won't be uploading them this week.  Instead I'm scheduling daily posts of pictures from prior beach trips.  So check back every day for the beach photo du jour and take your own virtual beach vacation!


Nancy Wallace said…
Have a really relaxing time. Enjoy!
Ray Barnes said…
I hope you will have a lovely holiday.
Please have a swim (or a paddle and splash, for me), I can't swim.
Have a good long look at the sea for me too, will you. Last time i saw it was about six years ago.
Thanks, Nancy! I am enjoying my time here.

Ray, I have had hours of looking at the sea. And my son and I had a swim today, accompanied by some small fish that bumped us and swam around our legs and arms. The water is clear enough that we could get a good look at them. I hope you will have the opportunity to make a seaside visit before too long.