Flying away for a few minutes

I was looking through some photographs this morning while checking in on the news about what's happening in Libya, reading an article about a Roman Catholic church that has decided to ban altar girls, and watching Jon Stewart pointing out how our country ranks just above Uganda and Rwanda in income inequality, among other things.

When I saw this photo from last year's beach trip, I immediately thought of the wonderful old song, "I'll Fly Away."

You may have your own favorite version of the song, but if you want to hear the Allison Kraus/Gillian Welch version, click here.


June Butler said…
The decision to ban altar girls at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Phoenix is so sad. What a turning back of the clock, and what a blow to the girls who serve. Is it really helpful to suggest to them, 'Go become a nun.'?

One wonders if the next step will be to ban female readers and lay Eucharistic ministers as not good role models to draw boys into the priesthood.

Your picture is lovely. Sometimes I want to fly away.
Yes, Mimi, I'm kind of floored by the Phoenix Cathedral's actions here.

Funny, you were posting about the dog wrapping itself up in the blanket while I was posting about flying away. Guess it's Monday!