Prayer request

Not much time to write today, but I do have a prayer request.  There are a lot of people who need work these days.  Unemployment and underemployment continues to be a scourge, affecting people and families of all ethnicities, classes, genders.  Few career categories are exempt, either.

So please remember those who need work, and especially those who are losing hope because they've been out of work for so long or because it's just so hard to keep hearing, "No."


June Butler said…
Yes, it's a sad situation and a very discouraging time to be looking for a job.
And for so many people in so many areas, too, Mimi - from the young folks in or just out of college to lawyers and of course several of us priests and everything in between.
June Butler said…
If I were a young person just out of high school, I would think long and hard about going into debt to get a college degree. Unfortunately, tuition and fees at state colleges and universities are rising, too, as states reduce the amounts allocated.
I hear you; with one college aged son and another about to be, tuition costs are just astronomical and pretty much nobody has the money already .... My son's college allows us to pay monthly with no interest, which is a huge help, but it's still very expensive. Without the degree, though, his job prospects are even worse. It's a catch - 22 for sure.
June Butler said…
Catch-22 is right, Penny. I have one grandson in his second year at LSU. Thank goodness for the TOPS program in Louisiana, which pays for a great part of the cost for students who can meet the requirements, though not for room and board. High school students must pay attention to their grades early on to meet the requirements and then score high on the SAT or ACT.
Yes, we have a similar HOPE scholarship here in GA which has helped many families and greatly improved the colleges as well.