Maybe it's because school is back in session, but all of a sudden it seems possible to be outside for more than five minutes at a time during the day.

(I'd like to stay outside for a long time tonight to watch the meteor shower but alas, we can't really see such stuff in this bright urban center.  See my reminiscence about being outside under a night sky filled with Sputniks and shooting stars here.)

So I took a walk around my garden this morning and saw that, amazingly, not everything was burned up.  A number of the roses are doing their thing with late summer blooms.  Some of them are definitely crispy, and all are smaller than the spring versions, but they're blooming and the butterflies and bees and wasps are happily visiting them all.

Being outside is just a more spiritual activity for me than being inside, even if I'm praying or reading something inspirational inside.  Being outside is a real kind of being, walking around in God's world, with heightened awareness and alertness to all the intricacies of the Kingdom.

To God be the glory.