All is forgiven

It's cool again in the mornings.  The dew is still on the grass, the flowers are not wilting by nine a.m.  The sky is high and clear and that brilliant fall blue that goes up and up and up.

Already nearly forgotten is the sticky, prickly heat now that we have that sweet relief.  Almost forgotten the swollen feet, the sweaty nights, the too-hot-to-do-anything lethargy.

Ah, September.

A few of the leaves are already turning and falling here, but that is because of the drought and heat - the edges of many of them are brown and curling.  We've lost a number of shrubs and I think even my hardy forsythia may succumb to a partial die-off.  Who ever heard of that?

But still, all is forgiven in the beauty of this gorgeous day.


Ray Barnes said…
I hope you get some rain soon Penny. Wish I could ship you some of ours.
Never really satisfied are we?
I love your description of the blue going up and up.
Here, it tends to be a drop in for a brief visit and vanish into grey cloud situation.
Ray, how I wish that we could share weather with others and have them share with us! We certainly have abundant sunshine here - more than enough! I'd gladly trade some for a little rain and some cooler temps now and then!
Anita said…
It's a beautiful shot. It captures the essence of Fall days!
Thanks, Anita! Of course as soon as I wrote this, it got hot again. Yesterday was much too warm. But the skies are remaining clear, unlike summer when it gets so hazy.