Photo of the Day

I'm in a bit of a time crunch, and so for the next few days I'll be posting a photo of the day without much commentary.

Today's photo was taken at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City.  This is part of the ceiling in the main building. It had, to me, a kind of gothic cathedral ceiling look.  Do you see that?


June Butler said…
I wept more than once when I visited Ellis Island. We had just visited the Tenement Museum before we went to Ellis Island, so we saw how the passengers in steerage lived after the grueling trip over and passing through Ellis Island. Whole families lived in two rooms several floors up with the common facilities on the ground floor. Often one of the rooms was a workroom for piece work by day and a bedroom by night.

The picture on the website is much more elegant than most of the apartments in the tenement. The two visits coming in close succession were quite moving.

Alas, some did not make it out of Ellis Island and were placed on a ship and sent back to wherever they came from.
Mimi, the woman who founded the Tenement Museum, whom I've never met, is a distant relative of mine. I have looked at the website a couple of times, and some day I will visit the museum in person.

The stories of so many of those who came to the United States are almost beyond belief.
June Butler said…
Penny, the museum is definitely worth a visit.
I will definitely plan to visit it next time I'm in the city.