Breaking News: Moving


I am pleased to tell you that I have been called to Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, to be the associate rector for youth, children and families. I am filled with gratitude for all of your support and prayers during this very long time of transition and am very excited about this new adventure.

Bruton Parish is almost 300 years old and is located in Colonial Williamsburg, the living history museum created in the 1920's.  Read about the parish here and Colonial Williamsburg here!  I feel incredibly blessed to be joining such a storied and generous and wonderful community.

I'm pretty busy with moving and such but prayers and photos will continue as they have been until I can get back to writing again.  I'll have lots of new things to photograph and reflect upon - including new beach venues just an hour or so away from Williamsburg!

God's peace and blessings to you all,



June Butler said…
Congratulations Penny! How exciting. I've been to Colonial Williamsburg. I've been to Bruton Parish Church for a concert. It's a beautiful old church. Many blessings and good wishes as you prepare for your move and take up your new post.
Kay Guest said…
I am happy for you but I won't get to see you at St. Simon's anymore! Please remember me...I am the "absorber", okay?
I was asked to teach the Sunday School class for the Middle Schoolers and then, since the other teacher is out too, to teach the Primary School too. I agreed. But why didn't I think to say, "Of course, I will, after all ONE CANNOT HAVE TOO LARGE A PARTY".
Good luck to you and please keep up your blog!
Thank you, Mimi! I appreciate your keeping me on the Wounded Bird prayer list during these last months. And it is fun to be going somewhere where many others have visited!

Kay, I will miss you all at St Simon's - the parish is dear to my heart. I'm glad to know you answered the call to teach the young folks there.

I intend to keep blogging, even if I have to adjust the schedule a bit. Thanks for the encouragement!
Anonymous said…
Penny that is wonderful except the moving part. My ancesters have a pew in the church.
EthelWare, I'm glad to know that was you. I'll certainly miss Atlanta, and I expect to see lots of friends when they visit Williamsburg!
Sari said…
Congratulations Penny. May God be with you as you move and settle into your new "home". Very happy for you - such a beautiful area!

They are lucky to have you :)
Anonymous said…
Welcome to Bruton Parish. We look forward to meeting you.
Ellie Finlay said…
Hello, Penny. I came over here from MadPriest's place.

I used to worship at Bruton Parish every summer when I was in high school. In the "old" days, William and Mary had a summer band school that was always the highlight of my year.

All blessings to you!