Saturday Morning Music Video: Hildegard

Here is a lovely interpretation of one of Hildegard von Bingen's compositions, Gaude Visceribus, recorded by Ars Choralis Coeln.

Today is the feast day for this remarkable women who is usually described as a medieval mystic. She wrote about her visions, which she had all her life, as well as other subjects from medicine to botany to theological interpretation, and she was an important Benedictine Abbess in Germany, but what I love about Hildegard is her music. Her chants are quite distinctive and show great imagination (her melodies are often described as "soaring"). If you haven't heard Hildegard's music before, go over to YouTube search for Hildegard von Bingen and hear for yourself!



Kay Guest said…
What a wonderful link you gave us here. Thank you!
Over at wounded bird, Mimi gave us a link to a sermon by Padre Mickey... I think that is right...and it was well worth reading!
Yes, Padre Mickey always has a good sermon on the saint of the day. I always enjoy them!