Saturday morning story: playing

These "children" are part of a waterfall-fountain at a shopping center in Newnan, Georgia called "The Forum at Ashley Park."  Since it's the last warm-weather holiday weekend for some time, it seems like a good day to play in the water.


Freda said…
These are beautiful statues; and all the more so for being children, as they show such promise and hope.
Ray Barnes said…
Lovely images Penny. The movement has been captured brilliantly.
Just as long as you don't look at them long enough to actually 'see' them move.
Thanks, Freda and Ray. I thought they were very well done! Although my favorite is still the Olympic Rings Fountain downtown where they let real children play. (See photo from Wednesday.)
KeyReed said…
I find them quite spooky, but then I have just watched Dr. Who. Great photo skills though.
Ha, Tenon_Saw, Dr Who will color your vision for sure! I guess anyone with a Sci-Fi bent might see them as having been frozen in carbonite or whatever it was that happened to Han Solo in Star Wars.
cbropes said…
Penny, do you know who the artist is who did these?
cbropes, I do not know who the artist is. The Ashley Park development in Newnan has generated some internet articles and such but I haven't found anything that names the artist.
I imagine it would be possible to find out through the developer of Ashley Park, Stan Thomas. There's an article about him here: