Poison ivy and creation

So, I have a mild and small but still incredibly itchy case of poison ivy.  This is only the second time in my life I've had poison ivy. I was never susceptible to it as a child and with all the yard work I've done in my life, I'm somewhat at a loss as to why I have never gotten it until the last year.

Poison ivy, along with roaches and mosquitoes, is one of those topics where my religious attitude about creation breaks down.  I know that after everything was created, God called it good.  But I'm wondering about poison ivy.  And mosquitoes and roaches. I'd like to ask God about these.

To be clear, I'm not a Biblical literalist. I don't see any reason why people even think there needs to be some sort of "either/or" about science and religion.  The Bible tells us, via poetry and poetic language, truths that are not about or limited to facts.  The truth is that God is the Creator.  The facts about how the earth came to be the way it is today with its geological, meteorological, anthropological, biological (etc.) processes do not negate that truth.  In fact, they make it all the more mysterious and wonderful.  To believe, study, and marvel at the scientific wonders of our world does not disrespect our Creator; the sciences allow us to see and appreciate and be awed by just how incredible God's work has been since time out of mind.

Further, God is still creating.  And we are helping with that - we are co-creators with God of all sorts of new things. New things are always coming into being, even as the old things are passing away.

So perhaps we might ask, did God intend poison ivy from the get-go, or was poison ivy an unfortunate by-product of some sort of botanical process set in motion long, long ago? Was poison ivy the chance for calamine lotion to be invented, perhaps?

And most of all, when is this #*&% itchiness going to pass away?