After the Rain

I went out for a walk after some rainshowers the other afternoon, taking my new camera out for a spin.  Here's a photo of a very fragrant (too bad I can't make this a scratch-n-sniff blogpost!) daphne odora blossom decorated with a few raindrops.  I'm still getting used to the new camera, which is more complicated than my previous one. I think I will be quite happy with it but there is a learning curve.  Thank goodness for digital photography - one can snap away and see the results immediately and go back and try again.

After taking a bunch of photos of wet flowers and trees, I wandered over to the duckpond.  The single male mallard (from this post) is back in town.  I do hope he finds a new mate this spring.  There was also a pair of Canada geese checking out the pond bank for a potential nesting site.  I imagine that sooner or later a bunch of ducks will arrive and the pond will be full of baby ducklings this summer.   They will be excellent subjects for my zoom lens.  As will the turtles that poke their heads out of the water - our own little Nessies.

The world looks so fresh after a spring rain.  The air feels clean. The birds are joyfully bathing in the puddles. 

I'm preparing with joy for the paschal feast, as it says in the Prayer Book.


Ray Barnes said…
As ever Penny, beautiful picture and matching post. Daphne Odora really does have a lovely perfume doesn't it?
I do envy you your rain. We are desperate for rain here (I have lost two quite sturdy shrubs already), and there is none forecast for our area for the forseeable future.
Ray, it was so hot and dry in Atlanta, and Virginia is so different. We have regular rain here. I hear there was a drought here, too, a few years ago, but it's lovely now. I hope you'll get your climate back in order there - it is heartbreaking to lose your beautiful plants. I had the most gorgeous row of French hydrangeas in Atlanta that couldn't take the repeated heat and drought, and they died back to the ground two or three years in a row. So sad.

Thanks for your continuing support!