Saturday Morning Story: How to Build a Nest

This is an endangered Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel.  Some of them live in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.

They are larger and lighter colored than the squirrels we have at home and their tails are bushier.

I watched a pair of them building a nest while I was on my retreat last week.  Here's how to do that.

First, eat a good lunch.

Then, get a bunch of leaves and stuff them in your mouth.

Make sure they're secure before crossing the road.

Then head toward a good tree that has multiple access points.

Take them up the tree....

And put them into the nest.  Stomp around in the nest a little to get it good and tight.

The head back out....

Gather some more leaves....

And head back up to the nest again.

Once you're finished, check out the neighbors and wish them goodnight!

The End.


Perpetua said…
And let's hope they live happily ever after. A lovely little story with super photos, Penny.
Thanks, Perpetua! It was fun watching this pair work!