Saturday Morning Cat Movie

Do you know Simon's cat?  This is exactly how cats are.  I miss my cat!


Perpetua said…
I love it, Penny. :-)
Ray Barnes said…
Have just been watching a few of them on UTube (on my Ipad) this morning, but haven't seen this one before.
As you so rightly say, this is exactly what cats are like. Lovely, infuriating, four-legged demolition experts.
Thanks for this.
Jean Stafford said…
LOL - Simon's Cat lives here too - she goes by the name CC (for China Cat) or "the little red one"!! Love Simon's Cat!!
Greenpatches said…
Wonderful! I do love Simon's Cat. Our latest furry companion takes after him in more ways than one! Sounds as if he's rearranging furniture up on the next floor; guess he may be chasing some poor unsuspecting moth!
Thanks, everyone! Simon's Cat is such a hoot. Ray, I'm glad you're finding things to do on your iPad!