RIP Camera

I interrupt your Lenten disciplines to ask for prayers of repose for my beloved camera, which after a long illness has died and moreover is, to quote Dickens, as dead as a doornail.

Nearly all of the photos you see here on the blog were taken by that camera.  I loved it well and truly.  And of course it can never be replaced in my heart.  I bought it specifically to take on a family trip to Ireland but found it to be almost perfect for almost everything I wanted to use it for.  

I have plenty of photos in the files, so blogging will not be interrupted.

But photography is my hobby and I do need a new camera now.  Would any of you, my dear readers, care to share your recommendations and stories about/experiences with your camera?  My own preference is for something that is not too large or heavy or complicated but flexible and still powerful, with an excellent macro mode for photos of flowers and bees and shells but also ability for zooming in on wildlife and such. 

Thanks, and peace to you this day and every day.


Perpetua said…
So sorry to hear about your faithful camera, Penny. I'm no photographer, so can offer no helpful advice, but simply my sympathy.
Donna said…
I am so sorry to hear about your camera, Penny. Your photographs have given me many heart smiles. I am looking forward to hearing what advice people have to give you. You know how I angst over technology!
Sympathy is also welcome, Perpetua! Thanks.
Thanks, Donna! I do know. Lots of people love their Canons; I've tended toward the Nikon camp before. We'll see.
Raima said… sorry to hear this. As a fellow photography addict, I can sympathize, but now you get to get a new camera, so it's not all bad news!

I have a Nikon D40 that I love. It's old and it's mine because my son (the real photographer in the family) gave it to me when he upgraded. I love it and only wish for more accessories, like a telephoto lens and tripod. It has all the close-up settings you'll need, but the telephoto lens would help a lot with those wildlife shots.

I'll be interested to hear what you settle on.
Raima, I've had more than one person tell me about their great D40. It's been discontinued. The newest Nikon DSLR is the D3100 and frankly it's the front runner right now (with an additional zoom lens).