A Short Report from the South

I am in Atlanta for a few days, and while the weather we've had in Virginia has been comparable, Spring is much farther advanced here in Georgia.  Many of the daffodils are drying up, but the saucer magnolias and forsythia are in full bloom, along with the lush Carolina jasmine.  The pinks and yellows and whites really jump out; and new spring greens are showing in many places, too.

Mr. Bunny seems glad to see me (you can tell because he ran around my feet several times this morning), and Miss Kitty has had her motor turned up to loud.  I stopped in at the grocery store, where the cashier I've known for more than 20 years ran up and hugged me and wanted to know all about what I've been doing.   She said I sure do look happy.

It is good to get out of one's routine.  While last week this time I was headed for a retreat in the wilderness (which was also very good and reports will come from that soon), it's good to appreciate and be appreciated in something like "surprise mode."  It's good to be with my family.  It is good to take in beauty and friendship and comfort while going about one's daily business.  It's good to be alive.


June Butler said…
Penney, I'm pleased that you're having a lovely time in Atlanta and that everyone is happy to see you. Even the flowers welcomed you.
Perpetua said…
Enjoy your break, Penny. Spring is here too - I saw my first primroses today. :-)
Thanks, Perpetua! I will miss the Great Profusion of Roses in April here, but the saucer magnolias and Carolina jasmine make up for it! One doesn't realize how much one has missed the Spring until it bursts forth and brings out a sigh of relief.
Nancy Wallace said…
Good to know you are enjoying your break. Spring in Atlanta sounds wonderful.