Wednesday Afternoon Flower Photo

The lovely Perle d'Or, a polyantha rose, which was first propagated in 1883.

The 2-inch fluffy blooms start out this salmon color and fade to pink. They curl back like pompoms. They have a nice fragrance, too.

Mine grows like a weed and has to be hacked back pretty severely every couple of years or it gets to be six feet tall and then some. It blooms like crazy. It also is very resistant to any sort of mold or fungus even in our humid area.

Love it.


Ray Barnes said…
Truly gorgeous Penny.
What amazes (and fills me with envy) about your roses is that they all appear to be in completely perfect condition.
Are you some kind of magician?
Ha ha, Ray, you don't expect me to post my failures on the internet do you?

What I will say is that I spent some significant time determining what roses would do best in my area with the least amount of attention. Mine are almost all old garden roses that can do without much attention (which is particularly good now that I live somewhere else most of the time). Also I do have a great spot for them with southern exposure for several hours a day.

I also have lost or replaced more than a few. I was very unhappy when my damask rose died for no apparent reason. I had a truly lovely yellow noisette, Crepuscule, trained over my front door that also died the same way. Most of my lovely tea roses Mme Joseph Schwartz has bitten the dust.

So I rejoice in the ones that have turned out so well! Maybe one day I'll post a flea-bitten specimen just for you!

Hope you are getting out in your garden some!

Ray Barnes said…
I am getting out there but, at present, making very little progress against the years of neglect.
My energy is not what it was and we have had two terribly wet summers, and this year, an endless cold wet spring so things are not looking great.
Have decided in the light of what you have so honestly said about your few failures, that I will write a lengthy blog, illustrated by old pictures of some of my roses and bore everyone to death.
Stand by!
Excellent! I look forward to reading it!