Saturday Morning Music Video: Kazoos and Xylophones and Triangles, oh my!

So, this is from last summer but I came across it again recently. Carly Rae Jepsen became an instant star with the huge hit "Call Me Maybe," which she wrote with Tavish Crowe. Here she is singing the song with Late Night star Jimmy Fallon and The Roots (a hip hop/new soul group who also are Fallon's house band) using instruments they found in a children's classroom.  Who knew you could play one of those rolling xylophones on tv? Kinda fun.



Bill Bynum said…
Indeed, a fun clip. A keyboard harmonica, a couple of kazoos, a ukelele, a toy xylophone, and who knows what else. I think that it's harder to stay together with those classroom instruments than it looks. The Roots did a great job.
Thanks, Bill! I expect it is harder to play as a group on toy instruments. Hooray for musicians with a great sense of humor!