I've always liked to travel. I like a change of scenery. In addition to the yearly vacations to the beach when I was a child, I enjoyed trips just about anywhere, any time. I took my first plane trip without a parent at age eight or so (and I dressed up for the trip, too). I like to plan trips in the future and also I like to take trips on short notice. I'm nearly always game to head off somewhere.

Traveling opens me up to experiencing life in a different way. It's not hard for me to get myself stuck in a rut of routine and laziness so a quick trip to somewhere different can jolt me out of that and keep me engaged in living more fully. There's so much of God's green earth that I want to see.

All that being said, I think I may not be very easy to travel with. A few years ago, I planned a big trip for our whole family to Ireland. It was a wonderful vacation and I loved it. We went many places and saw lots of things - cities, countryside, concerts, coastlines, castles, cemeteries, (and that's just the c's). We packed a lot into ten days.  But I've heard my family describe it to others as "Mom's forced march through Ireland."

These days I travel alone more frequently, since I mostly live alone. There's a lot of freedom in that. I am pretty attached to feeling free (for good or for ill). I like traveling alone fine, generally. I don't have to admit my mistakes to anyone else and only have myself to blame if I over do it, although meal times are less enjoyable. This may seem odd for an extrovert like me, and perhaps this solitary travel mode is just for a season, but there it is.

Are you a traveler? Do you like to travel alone, or would you rather travel with family or friends?


June Butler said…
Penny, I like traveling alone, too. I can do what I want when I want without having to consider the wants and needs of others. Pure selfishness, I know. I have one good friend in England with whom I'm quite compatible. We've traveled through Scotland and England together. She does the driving, of course.
Well, Mimi, in a way it's not selfish if it means you're not insisting that someone else go where they don't want to go etc. People have different ideas about what they want to do. I remember being floored that my husband and son wanted to watch a movie (that they had seen before) rather than go to the Cathedral for a choral concert. So I went with my other son. We enjoyed the concert and the other two enjoyed having their down time with a movie.

It is good to have a compatible companion, too!
Perpetua said…
I enjoy both, Penny. Mostly I now travel with DH, though I've also gone off to do locums in Prague on my own and sometimes go on holiday with my sister or daughter when it's somewhere DH doesn't want to visit.
Yes, you're one of my travel models, Perpetua!