Portraits of a Young Duck

One can only stay underwater for so long before it's time to come up for air. And yet the sustenance is often under the surface, where one must go deeply down.

Our baby ducks are growing quickly and stay very busy, eating and drinking and growing and stretching. It is fun to watch them forage for food - they bob on top of the water, bottoms up and then back down, like corks or toys. When they hop in the pond, they tend to stay close to the shore unless mama gets in, too. 

They are curious and come in close for a look before running away when mama murmurs at them. 

They spend a great deal of time grooming themselves, too. They must be approaching teenagerhood.


Ray Barnes said…
They'll be smoking behind the bike-sheds next.
Lovely pictures as usual Penny, particularly the soft fluffy one in the first picture.
No doubt, Ray. I like the way the tail feathers showed up on the first pic, too.