Summer Reading

We interrupt this blog for a word from the author:

This is a commercial for a book to which I contributed this year: Letters to Me: Conversations with a Younger Self. It is aimed at young adults and is a collection of essays in which the authors remembered an event in their young adult lives and then wrote a letter to their younger selves reflecting on that event from a later point in life.

The essays are varied in topic and tone and, from what we have heard from readers, their value is not limited to the 18 - 30 crowd.

Today only, we are offering the book as a FREE Kindle download from Amazon. Please check it out at the link below and get your free copy today. We hope readers of all ages will enjoy the book - and perhaps you may know a young adult for whom the book might resonate. I gave copies as graduation gifts this year.

Thanks, and share this with your friends! The book is already a good deal, but today, it's FREE! Hope you will enjoy it.