Bobbing for Popcorn

I took this photo from a boat on the Chesapeake Bay last January. Someone threw a bunch of popcorn into the water and a zillion seagulls came swooping in to go after the goodies.  Many of us just aimed into the crowd and took photo after photo, hoping that something interesting would show up in the pics when we got home.  

This is a ring-billed gull getting a face full of water as another gull takes off (no doubt with popcorn in bill) in front of it.  I didn't notice it until today.

It is always fun to upload photos onto my desktop (with a large monitor) so I can actually see what I got. When I have time, I go through them, looking into corners or for action off center. It's like rolling the dice - occasionally snake eyes comes up and other times pretty much nothing.

In my busy and crowded life I find this is true, also. I go through my day and then later look back over it and discover all sorts of information. Bits of beauty, something funny, something sad, dots that connect with other dots experienced on other days. Small, but perhaps significant, details arise from the edges, things I didn't notice so much at the time. Useful stuff and interesting stuff and sometimes life-giving stuff. The Spirit, moving where it will.

There's a lot going on out there, all the time. Pay attention.