Saturday Morning Jazz

This is the Jeffrey Cox Quintet playing an interesting mashup of two songs: Maiden Voyage (by Herbie Hancock) and Everything in its Right Place (by Radiohead), as arranged by the jazz pianist Robert Glasper.

Most people have heard of Hancock - he has had a long and storied career in jazz. Radiohead is an English band formed in the mid-1980's, originally described as a post-punk rock band. They added electronic sounds to their music in the late 90's and are still recording and touring. Interestingly, many jazz musicians are big Radiohead fans.

This was recorded on April 28 at The Velvet Note in Alpharetta, Georgia, by Mike Holiman.

Members of the band:

Jeffrey Cox, trumpet
Jordan Holiman, drums
Morgan Guerin, saxophone
Andres Rovira, piano
Andrew Sommer, bass


Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for another great jazz clip from Jeffrey's Quintet. Smooth treatments of the Herbie Hancock and Radiohead songs. Jeffrey's flugelhorn is a nice addition, not that his trumpet sounds bad, by any means. The flugelhorn has a softer, rounder tone that fits well here.
Thanks, Bill! The flugelhorn is fairly new but he gets a good sound out of it! He's trying out a new trumpet this week, too - hoping to get a new one before starting his studies in the fall.