Saturday Morning Movie: Julia Child Remixed

The Public Broadcasting people (aka PBS) have a digital studio that has been releasing remixes of music/video from some classic television shows. (Click here to see their page on YouTube.) You may have seen the latest Mr. Rogers remix that just came out this week.

I love this one of Julia Child, the queen of the cooking show as far as I am concerned. Check out her percussion skills with the knife. Bring on the roasted potatoes!

Hope you enjoy it!


Bill Bynum said…
Julia Child is one of the towering cultural icons of the 20th century. My wife, Mary Ann, and I watched every one of her cooking shows on PBS. I was an eager secondary participant when Mary Ann worked her way through the "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". The video clip is truly amazing. Back in the day, I never realized that Julia's speech had such a melodic, lilting quality. Julia had an admirable zest for life. She would have greatly enjoyed this video clip.
Thanks, y'all! I think Julia would have enjoyed this, too. Glad you did.