Morning Poem: The Annunciation

Mary, did you marvel at the sight of an angel,
did you find the hair on the nape of your neck standing on end
in fear, in dread, in fascination, in tender curiosity?

Did you consider saying no?
Did you blush or panic
or wish
that you could rush out the door
into the cool spring breeze
and forget it ever happened?

Hail, Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
he said in his angel voice
that must have sounded like heaven
in your maiden ear.

Did you think your life was over
or just beginning
at the news of your impending motherhood?


Nancy Wallace said…
Did Mary consider saying no? I'm sure I would have done. What if she had said no?
I wondered in my meditation from last year (
if there could have been another who did say no - and so didn't make it into the story.