Saturday Afternoon Movie: Vocation

I remember when I was discerning my call to the priesthood, our group had an interesting discussion about vocation and whether or not "vocation" was a "technical term" in the church (we all felt that it is often used that way) or if it could also be used to talk about someone's calling to any career or way of life.   In typical fashion, we discussed it as an either/or instead of a both/and.

Since then, I have become more clear that all of us have a vocation, and limiting that term to ordained ministry unfortunately reinforces the notion that being called to Holy Orders is somehow more, well, holy than being called to lay ministries of every sort.  Frederick Buechner described vocation as the place God calls us, where our deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.  Where our passion can be lived out in God's world among God's people.

Here's a great short video from the Fund for Theological Education about the both/and definition of vocation.

What do you think?


Ray Barnes said…
I really like this video, it is encouraging and takes some of the exclusivity out of the usual perception of 'vocation'.
Thanks for this, some interesting ideas.
Yes, I think so, too. We need to understand ourselves as partners in ministry, each following his or her calling as it comes from God's giving us talent and passions of our own.
June Butler said…
All my life I was taught that vocation had a broader definition than a call to serve as clergy, so the inclusive idea of vocation is not new to me. The video is excellent in that it makes the point clearly and concisely that we are called to serve God in those around us, no matter what our vocation in life.
Mimi, maybe your inclusive understanding of vocation is the result of your RC upbringing...