Weekend Sacraments

It's been a sacramental weekend.

Much of my participation was as one of those who witnessed vows and promises.

On Saturday,  I went to the wedding of two my seminary mates; the bride is also the daughter of friends who were among the guests at my own wedding twenty-two years ago.  The wedding was at the seminary chapel, and most of the people involved were at seminary with me, and the organist was my systematic theology professor (and father of Indigo Girl Emily Saliers).  I enjoyed being part of the crowd in the pews, watching my former school mates doing their work around the chapel.

This morning, I watched my son and his Sunday school cohort, along with another of my seminary mates, and others be confirmed (the classmate was received) by the Bishop.

After the service of confirmation, I was privileged to be the priest who prayed and laid hands on those who came for prayers and healing after the Eucharist.  I am always grateful for the privilege of sharing in people's lives this way.

It's been a busy and happy weekend.  I love what I do.