Tugboat Parking

If you have a bunch of tugboats, you have to have a tugboat parking area.  This is the one in Savannah, Georgia.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Actually, what this picture reminds me of is a colleague group.  Colleagues - and here I am particularly thinking of clergy - who as they exercise their vocations spend a lot of time with others, perhaps helping them with the loads they carry, giving a little support or direction - these folks need to come together every now and then - once or twice a month, say.  Exchange ideas, talk shop, get support for themselves as people who support others, chew the fat about nerdy church stuff that our make our spouses' eyes glaze over.  Commit to knowing one another and journeying together.  Laugh together, cry together, nod knowingly, be empathic/tickled/outraged on one another's behalf, speak the truth in love occasionally, name something out loud that just needs to be named, hold one another accountable, eat lunch or go out for a beer, be friends.

My life and my vocation have been enriched so much by being part of a clergy group. In fact, I have two groups - one that meets on a schedule and another is a group of women who graduated from seminary with me that meets more irregularly.

I hope you have such a thing in your life, too.


Anonymous said…
yes it is important to meet with like-minded people - I have a friend who I first met at college when we were 16 - seven years ago we met up again - only for me to discover that she is married to a C of E minister and she is now in training for Ordination. When I look back our worlds were so different to each at the age of 16 but so similiar now that we are 49.. but it is for the bond of friendship then that has helped us to build upon our friendship now. take care, Judyx
What a neat story, Judy! How wonderful to have reconnected!