Saturday morning movie: It's about kissing!

Today's Saturday morning movie is from Father Matthew Moretz of Rye, New York - the latest in his series of videos called "Father Matthew Presents."  This one is about the kiss of peace.  It features popcorn and a monkey.  See for yourself.


Ray Barnes said…
Yes. Well. On that basis I'm glad we only shake hands these days.
Thanks Penny. Or maybe not!
KeyReed said…
"The Peace" can be a rather awkward moment in UK churches, especially if one was not brought up with it.
Interesting to hear about UK experiences - here the peace has become "intermission" in some churches with folks walking all over the church to greet one another! And some people love that and others not so much.

Of course, if you don't bring your monkey to church, you may have a different experience!