Seeking Wisdom

Unlike many people, I love Mondays. (Most Mondays, anyway. There have been exceptions.) Shiny new things make their debuts on Mondays. Monday is often the day that brings the surprise phone call or email or the response from someone you've been waiting on. Monday is the day that I can hope for a new start on something. Monday is the day that I imagine, rightly or wrongly, that I have plenty of time left to write that sermon, prepare for that class, or make that response or decision. Monday is, or at least can be, the day of possibility.

By Monday night, I am often seeking wisdom. As the day rolls along, I begin to see what I need to know, what I need to do to respond to the surprise phone call or email or the long-awaited response both in a timely manner and having put some real thought into the response. If left to my own reactive self, I'll fire off a hardly-thought-through response in ten minutes. As I get older, I'm learning the wisdom of the more considered response. Preparation and thoughtfulness is good, in addition to spontaneity and playfulness. Thoughtfulness includes listening for God and looking for God's hand in all this.

As it happens, today is one of those Mondays. I've heard from people I wanted to hear from, I've heard from people out of the blue, a sudden invitation has appeared for a family member, and I'm still imagining I've got all week to write a sermon and prepare for two classes. The calendar is out and thoughts and plans are zooming around in my head. All of it goes into the pot to simmer now. And as it turns out, I'm attending an ordination tonight too, a bonus opportunity to gather with colleagues (a fountain of wisdom from which I can drink!) as we welcome a new priest into the church.

I love Mondays.