In ordinary time, I post a "Friday fountain break" photo on Friday afternoons.  I gave it up for Lent, planning to post a proper reflection on Fridays.  Alas, Friday is almost over and I find myself having not had time to settle into reflective mode while being anywhere near a computer today.

But since I gave up the Friday fountain break for Lent, I am instead posting a glamour shot of a rooster and a plate.  I have noticed that many of my friends all over the world, including clergy, keep chickens.  I don't know why, and I don't intend to keep any chickens at the moment, but I do have this wooden rooster.

Am I, by posting only a photo instead of a reflection with a photo, adhering to the letter but not the spirit of the Lenten law of giving things up?  Yes.  I am truly sorry, but there it is.


Perpetua said…
Penny, you've reminded me of the chickens I used to keep and how much I enjoyed watching them and reflecting on life, so does that count?
Perpetua, YES!!!! This is the beauty of blogging. You just put something out there, never knowing whom it will touch. Plus, you made me laugh first thing in the morning. Blessings!