Saturday Music Video

Continuing our theme of gratitude and abundance, visually represented by a fabulous fountain spraying streams of water everywhere in this morning's "Visual Morning Prayer" post (see here), today's Saturday movie is a YouTube video of Sufjan Stevens's arrangement of the mid-18th century hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." I love the photographs of wild animal families accompanying the hymn.

Count your blessings on this - and every - Saturday.

 (As an aside, Robert Robinson wrote the words to this hymn when he was 22.  Stevens recorded his arrangement on his Hark! Songs for Christmas CD in 2002, although it's not a Christmas hymn - several of his choices for that album were traditional hymns rather than strictly Christmas carols.  It was featured on the soundtrack of the closing scene in the TV series Friday Night Lights season 4 premier episode. The photographs are by Nick Brandt - see his website at