Morning Prayer

Lord God,
sustain us in our wilderness
as we stand against
temptations of the wearying kind
that grind away at us,
pulling us down
until we give up in an effort just to be free.
Help us remember
that you are always there to steady us,
to sustain us and feed us,
to shower us with mercy
when our efforts fall short of the mark.
For you are gracious, O lover of souls,
even to us
tired and weary pilgrims
along the long way of Lent.
Inspire us to be reflections of your glory.


Nancy Wallace said…
"Temptations of the wearying kind" are so much more likely to pull me down than the more dramatic obvious temptations. Thanks for this prayer. I assume you wrote it?
Thanks, Nancy - yes, I wrote it. My Lenten discipline this year on the blog was to write most of my own prayers.