Life turns on a dime. This is not news to me, by any means, but it's always a surprise when it happens.

My mother is in the hospital. We spent ten hours in the hallway of the emergency department in one hospital only to finally transfer to another hospital so she could be admitted pretty much in the middle of the night last night. She's having a rough time. Lots of folks have her in their prayers. I hope you will add her to yours.

Meanwhile, today is my birthday. How incongruous to spend it looking after my mom.


June Butler said…
Oh Penny! Dare I wish you a Blessed and Happy Birthday in the face of it all?

Prayers for all, for healing for your mother and for strength and hope for those who love her.
Ray Barnes said…
Prayers and blessings aplenty Penny for you both.
Nancy Wallace said…
God bless you on your birthday and may the Lord touch your mother at her point of need.
Thanks, Mimi. I am blessed.
Thank you, Ray. I do appreciate it.
Thanks so much, Nancy.
Kay G. said…
Dear Penny,
Praying for your mother and a wish for a special blessing for you on your birthday.
From one of your old fans at St. Simon's Church,
Kay (Not the paper kind)
Bill Bynum said…
I am sure that everyone who knows you wants to help you in this difficult time in any way possible. The only thing that I can offer from my own experience is something that I am sure you already know. Namely, that the stressful times that you and your family are passing through now would be much more difficult for you without the presence of God in your lives.
MadPriest said…
Oh, this isn't fair, not on your birthday. I have added your mom to the prayer list at Saint Laika today.
Perpetua said…
Lots of hugs and prayers for you and your mom, Penny. Birthday greetings, despite everything, and please keep us posted.
Thanks, Bill. You are right. We know that all will be well, some how some way, because that's God's way. It helps.
Thanks so much MP. That means a lot. Mom is very appreciative of all the prayers and kind of amazed that I know people all over the world who would pray for her.
Thanks, Perpetua. Life is full. And things are improving all around.