Monday Travels

Today is a driving day for me. I'm headed to my other home for a few days. I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband and son and my mother as well as friends and neighbors. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Miss Kitty and Mr Bunny. I'm looking forward to messing around in my yard and enjoying my roses.  I'm looking forward to a musical evening with my son, my birthday, and Mother's Day.  I'm looking forward to taking more photos with my new camera.

I'll be in and out here. I'll appreciate prayers for traveling mercies.


Perpetua said…
Safe journey, Penny, and enjoy your break.
Ray Barnes said…
God bless you Penny. You have mine in abundance,
Please give Miss Kitty and Mr Bunny a hug each from me.
Thanks, Perpetua! Arrived safely this afternoon and getting ready to go out to hear my son play a jazz gig tonight!
June Butler said…
Prayers for safe travels, Penny. Have a lovely time at your other home.
Thank you, Ray. Done and done! Miss Kitty was very enthusiastic about having her chin rubbed already. Bun is a little shy at first when he hasn't see you in a while, but he's coming 'round already. It's good to be home.
Thanks, Mimi! Arrived a little bit ago and ready to enjoy the evening. The only sad thing is that almost all my roses have already finished blooming and there are crispy heads that need trimming now. I missed the grand show.
June Butler said…
Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't get to see your roses in bloom, Penny.