Today's Update

I am very happy to report that I took my mom home from the hospital today and she is sleeping in her own bed, which she found to be very comforting even though she's been in a bed for a week!  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for her and for me.  This has been an intense "vacation" and I'm looking forward to going back to Virginia tomorrow and doing something besides hanging around medical facilities.

I didn't get to work in my garden, and it needs it badly, but I will be back in Atlanta in just a few weeks and plan to spend much time out there getting it back in shape. I did get to snuggle with my pets and my husband and son (well, son doesn't much want to snuggle any more) and wish I'd been able to spend more time with them, but it turned out that Mom really needed me, and I am glad I could be here for her.

I picked up a bug and haven't quite shaken it off, so my energy is rather low, but I hope to be back to blogging again soon.


June Butler said…
Penny, I'm glad to hear your Mom is home and in her own bed. I pray she continues to improve.
Ray Barnes said…
Good news about your mom Penny. Now perhaps you can both get some real rest.
Blessings and prayers, as ever.
Perpetua said…
Good to hear that your mom is home, Penny. Now for some proper rest and recovery for you too.
Thank you, Mimi! Mom has appreciated all the prayers! She's recovering well.
Thank you, Ray! She was so glad to get home and her friends have all rallied around to help her get back up to speed. I'm afraid I'm back into the fray - I drove 10 hours today and back to work tomorrow - but I'm hoping the pace will be a little more measured now!
Thanks, Perpetua. As I reported to Ray, I'm back on duty in Virginia now after a day of driving, but I am glad to be away from hospitals and such!