Saturday Morning Music Video: YouTube Orchestra & Sand Artist

The Webbys were this week (like the Emmys or Oscars, etc but for internet stuff) and the YouTube Orchestra's performance at the Sydney Opera House won a People's Voice award.  The YouTube orchestra is made up of 101 musicians from 33 countries.  This is just one piece from their concert, which is a rather exciting piece; a sand artist makes pictures on a big screen behind the musicians while they play.

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 performs Ascending Bird - Suite for string orchestra by Aghaei and Jacobsen at the Grand Finale concert. Featuring leader Richard Tognetti and sand artist Kseniya Simonova.


Bill Bynum said…
A real Saturday treat! Ascending Bird is indeed exciting music, proving convincingly that modern music need not descend into nihilistic atonality to make a meaningful artistic statement. It's not just the title, but this piece seems to be the musical heir to Ralph Vaughan William's Lark Ascending. The Ukranian sand artist has truly amazing facility with an unusual medium. I would love to see an interview of her explaining how she chose sand painting and how she developed her skill. I guess it's time for me to Google Kseniya Simonova.
Bill Bynum said…
Check out!!
Indeed. This was fun to watch and hear!
Thanks Bill! I do like hearing a new piece of music that doesn't bore me or set my teeth on edge. Good stuff. Thanks for the sand artist's link, too.
Ray Barnes said…
A very different combination of quite separate mediums. It works very well, though for me the sand artist would be the one I found most interesting if they were separated.
Thanks for this Penny.