Saturday Story in Pictures: Flight

 This is a small gull - I think a juvenile in its winter plumage, so a little hard to identify for sure.  
Doesn't matter.  It's about to take a short flight.

 First, though, it's important to get those feathers groomed.

 And here he (?) goes!

  Check out the fuzzy breast and the amazing way the wings work to keep this guy aloft!

 Now the downward beat is complete.

 OK, about to come in for a landing. 
Notice the spread tail feathers and the very neat tucking of the feet.

And he sticks the landing! I give him a 10.


Ray Barnes said…
Brilliant pictures Penny.
Quite a feat of engineering isn't he?
Quite, Ray! I am fascinated with birds, and even more so now that I can get these photos that show the details!