Hair-do basics

First, get your hair good and wet.

Then dry it by rubbing your head on your back. 

Et voila!  You hair is properly fuzzy again.


Perpetua said…
LOL, Penny. My hair looks like that without any effort at all, which is a good thing as I don't think my neck is that flexible.:-)
Nor mine!

It was great fun watching them dry themselves after bobbing like corks in the pond.
Ray Barnes said…
Ducklings really are gorgeous aren't they?
The second picture is obviously Houdini duck. Oh to be that flexible.
Keep 'em coming Penny please.
Ray, I got a lot of great shots yesterday. I also got some of a heron catching and eating a big bullfrog, but I thought you would not like those photos...
Ray Barnes said…

Nature red in tooth and claw (and beak)!
Yes, I thought that would be your reaction. It was fascinating but yucky.