Saturday Music Video: The Lark Ascending

The BBC Concert Orchestra (conducted by Barry Wordsworth) and Dutch violinist Janine Jansen play Ralph Vaughn Williams' exquisite tone poem "The Lark Ascending" in the Royal Albert Hall.

The announcer is a bit bouncy, as if he were commenting on a sports event, but this live performance is well played and the video allows us to see into the mysteries of musicians at work.



Bill Bynum said…
A gorgeous musical treat for Saturday morning -- a sensitive, moving performance of a beautiful piece! Janine Jansen is an extraordinary violinist with the technical skill and artistic sensibility to explore the full dynamic range that the piece requires. Wow! Makes it easy to forgive the bouncy announcer. By the way, after The Lark Ascending completes, YouTube displays a bunch of Janine Jansen's other performances -- an entire Saturday of beautiful music. Right now, I'm savoring her performance of the Schubert Grand Duo violin sonata. Thanks for access to a delightful list of beautiful music to enjoy!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Ray Barnes said…
A really lovely performance of one of my favourite pieces of music. (one which is to be played at my funeral).
The soaring, climbing scale so exactly mimics the flight of the lark. Very atmospheric. Thanks Penny.