Friday Afternoon Sandcastle Break

City on a Hill Sandcastle.

Happy Weekend!


Ray Barnes said…
Yet another Penelopicastle. Thanks, you are one busy architect. You have a good weekend too!
Ray - I don't build 'em, I just photograph them. There was a veritable plethora of sandcastles at the beach last year and I took lots of photos. I thought it would be fun to do a Friday Sandcastle Series for the blog. I enjoy seeing them again, but also wish that I were AT the beach instead of looking at photos from the beach!
Ray Barnes said…
Oops! My mistake. I'll take your builder's hat back then.
Either way, they are fun to look at.
Yes, I'm rather envious, actually, of people who build good-looking sandcastles. Of course there are those molds that help, but still I can't manage to get one that looks quite up to what I envision when I start.