Saturday Morning Movie: Jonathan Conducts Beethoven

This little guy, Jonathan, at 3 years old, is a musical prodigy. He feels and reads (with all of his senses) music with sensitivity and surety - and yet....  Watch this awesome clip of him enthusiastically conducting excerpts from the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and remember Jesus' words about entering the Kingdom of Heaven by being like a child.


(hat tip to Greg Troxell of All Saints' Episcopal Church in Carmel, CA)


Unknown said…
What a beautiful video. It captivated me and made me smile all the way through and I am glad I watched it until the end. What a joyous child. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, it's great, isn't it Sarah, to see a kid so full of both determination, passion, talent, and whimsy! Glad you enjoyed it and glad to see you shared it w/others on FB.