I am way overdue redecorating my blog home for summer.  I loved the rich red template a lot and so I left it much longer than I intended to even though it was wintry and I know that some of you don't love the light text on dark background thing (although I have to admit that I am partial to that combination - it's easier on my eyes, for some reason).

Anyway, one of the beauties of blogging is that everything can be changed, as often as we like, and just because we want to.  And so I did, and may mess with the format a little more in days to come.  Not all of life is this flexible (sigh).

I also have so much stuff swirling in my head these days that I'm finding it harder to sit down and write a coherent post.  Such a post will come, and perhaps soon, as well as some changes in how/where I post some things, but in the meantime, enjoy poking around and looking at pictures.

And yes, this is the entrance to my own, in real life, house.

Like it? (or not?) Comments?


Lerewayah said…
Very inviting pic!

Hiya from Orlando,
Gretchen, the newly tattooed
Thanks, Gretchen! Hope Orlando is lots of fun. I saw your tattoo on FB, I think. Try not to get into too much trouble!
Ray Barnes said…
Hi Penny
I like this new, lighter format. Easier on my eyes so can read it even in poor light.
Love the house, is it yours?
I wish i knew how to redecorate my blog page. (no doubt I'll learn in time)
Perpetua said…
Lovely, Penny, and much easier to read. One little thing you may not have noticed - your blog name is missing at the top and all we have is the subtitle.
Ray, I just used one of the other Blogger templates and tweaked it a little, just like you do when you set it up at first. And yes, this is my house, with no flowers in the flowerpots (that's been remedied).

Perpetua, the title shows up on mine. I'll check it out on the template again, though. Thanks for pointing it out.