New Church and Social Media Blog Sets Sail!

Introducing #chsocm!

I'm really, really interested in promoting the use of social media by church and clergy for ministry and connection.  Both by using it and by helping others understand why it's valuable and how to use it.

And so occasionally, I venture into the realm of social media and the church here at The Party.   And while I think that's good - I'm all about gathering and welcoming and communicating and interacting - I also know that this blog is mainly about prayer and reflection.  And I don't want to change that.

And so, my good friend Meredith Gould (Roman Catholic lay minister, author, and marketing communications pro) and I (Episcopal clergy person) have started a new blog together, in our two separate and - let us hope - complementary voices, that will be the place where I post about church and social media stuff.  Because, you know, it's a blog about church and social media.

So visit us early and often at the #chsocm blog, and follow @chsocm on Twitter to be part of that conversation if you're interested.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming here at The Party.


Tithe Barn said…
I'm also very interested in social media and have written a blog to encourage Churches to engage with it:
I think it's about time that church should involved in social media. They can spread the word of the God through there own websites.
Unknown said…
social media
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