A Litany for Our Nation

Almighty God, giver of all good things:
We thank you for the natural majesty and beauty of this land.
They restore us, though we often destroy them.
Heal us.

We thank you for the great resources of this nation. They
make us rich, though we often exploit them.
Forgive us.

We thank you for the men and women who have made this
country strong. They are models for us, though we often fall
short of them.
Inspire us.

We thank you for the torch of liberty which has been lit in
this land. It has drawn people from every nation, though we
have often hidden from its light.
Enlighten us.

We thank you for the faith we have inherited in all its rich
variety. It sustains our life, though we have been faithless
again and again.
Renew us.

Help us, O Lord, to finish the good work here begun.
Strengthen our efforts to blot out ignorance and prejudice,
and to abolish poverty and crime. And hasten the day when
all our people, with many voices in one united chorus, will
glorify your holy Name. 


(BCP 838)


Perpetua said…
Happy Fourth of July, Penny. May God bless your and every nation.
Thanks, Perpetua! We're having a nice holiday - the family all ran in a 10K road race while I did grandmama duty (I loathe running). Then we all ate ice cream. Now all are napping. Fireworks tonight!

Will you celebrate Bastille Day in Normandy?
Perpetua said…
We'll be aware it's happening, Penny, but will be saving ourselves for our village's annual fete at the end of July :-)
Ah, the village fete! I look forward to reading your post about that!